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Leisure Machines

Vending Machines are ideal for Leisure Centres and Gyms, being able to supply food and drinks to customers 24/7without the need of a canteen. This cuts costs and enhances the access to products for customers. We are committed to supplying healthy food and drinks. By...

Trusting Gyms to Provide Healthy Snacks

When members attend gyms they trust the workers and the establishment to provide them with accurate information when it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle. This advice includes things such as exercise, equipment, clothing, the latest exercise trends, diet and...

Healthy Body Healthy Foods

When it comes to vending machines it is important to choose the right products for the right venues. At PureFoodsSystems, we supply vending machines to all different kinds of businesses including schools, offices, construction companies and more. Offices and...

Gym Vending Products

Vending machines are a great way of providing an extra service to your customers, staff members and the general public while also earning some extra finances. Gyms are no different. In fact, they are a fantastic place to use a vending machine due to the heavy footfall...
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