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Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Industry’s leading manufacturers with emphasis on energy efficiency and an easy and pleasant consumer experience every time.

Quench your thirst with Pure Foods Systems’ cold drinks vending machines! Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing soda, a cool bottle of water, or an energising sports drink, our machines offer a wide range of options to keep you hydrated and refreshed. With options for both indoor and outdoor use, our machines are perfect for offices, schools, gyms, and more.

With over 50 years of experience in the vending industry, we understand what it takes to deliver a great cold drinks vending experience. Our machines are designed for reliability, convenience, and ease of use, making them perfect for any environment.

Explore our range of cold drinks vending machines today and stay cool, calm, and refreshed with Pure Foods Systems!


Crane Bevmax 4 Media Touch

Experience the pinnacle of reliability and efficiency with the BevMAX MEDIA, crafted by one of the industry’s foremost manufacturers. Designed for energy efficiency and a seamless consumer experience, it attracts new customers with integrated cashless payment options, a vibrant touchscreen display, shopping cart functionality, nutritional information display, and captivating brand promotions.

The BevMax 4 stands out with its superior product selection and ample capacity. Its expansive illuminated glass front, enhanced by long-life LED lighting, provides a clear, unobstructed view of all available products, maximizing sales impact. Moreover, the BevMax 4 features a self-contained modular refrigeration deck that enhances performance and ease of maintenance, as it can be effortlessly removed from either the front or back of the machine.

Sielaff S 2020

Transform your breakroom or retail space into a Snack friendly zone with our Combination Vending Machine. Designed for flexibility, convenience, and energy efficiency, this machine meets the many needs of everyone on the go.


Stylish EC Design: Modern and Slimline for any space.
Drinks Zone Temperature: 6 to 8ºC.
Snack Zone Temperature: 12 to 15ºC.
Stainless steel containers and spirals for durability and hygiene.

Capacity and Layout

Total Selections: 40 selections across 5 trays.
10 Selections of Crisps
10 Selections of Chocolates
20 Selections of Drinks

Energy Rating: This machine boasts an impressive A++ energy efficiency rating, making it one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market​

Robimat X-series

The Robimat X-series vending machine generation embodies a clear philosophy: Its sleek, high-value, puristic design is centered around delivering maximum turnover for your business.


  • Vending of glass bottles, PET bottles and cans from 0.2 l to 0.6 l
  • For products ranging from 200 to 910 grams and with a diameter ranging from 53 mm to 72 mm
  • Max. bottle height: 270 mm
  • Up to 8 shelves
  • 4 to 5 selections per shelf
  • Modular design – especially easy to service and recycle
  • Also available in LM version: For example, for yoghurt, milk bottles, smoothies etc.


Dimensions: 1,830 x 790 x 880 mm (height x width x depth)*
Weight: approx. 300 kg (in standard configuration with 5 shelves)
Electrical connection values: 220 – 230 V / 50 Hz / min. 10 A
Power consumption: Approx. 500 W

*Deviations in the housing dimensions are possible due to add-on parts and accessories.


  • 3 shelves for products up to Ø 66 mm
  • 2 shelves for products up to Ø 72 mm total
  • 23 types – approx. 237 drinks
  • Typical layout for slim / sleek cans mixed

Smart Fridge Vending Machine

The Mini Mart Vending Machine With Unmatched Customisation

Introducing the ultimate vending solution that transforms your breakroom or retail space into a mini-marketplace. This Smart Fridge is all about flexibility, convenience, and fresh choices for everyone on the go.

The extreme flexibility of configuration allows the user to choose from:

Fresh food, yoghurt, crisps, chocolate, cans, bottles, smoothies and health items.


Recognition: Weight sensing technology with a 99% accuracy rate
Temperature: 0°C10°C (Optional Outdoor: 4°C25°C with Heating module)
Refrigeration: Frost-free cooling system
Capacity: 1000L, 5-layer shelves
Payment: AI face-scan pay, card payment functions
Shopping Monitoring: Wide-angle low illumination 1080p dual camera
Management System: Intelligent SAAS cloud management platform


Frequently asked questions

What are the next steps after placing my order?

We’ll complete a site survey, begin processing your order and give you an estimated installation date.

How long will I have to wait for an installation?

Depending on the number of machines being installed, if you have existing machines onsite or other variables you can expect installation to take up to 1 month.

Do I need to have a functioning lift for the machines to be installed?
No, providing the stairwell has enough room we have equipment to move machines through buildings without elevator access.
What are the requirements to install a hot drinks machine?
We will need to have access to a water feed to be able to install a hot drinks machine.

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