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Ice Coffee Vending Machines

Freshly ground iced coffee vending machine with ice cubes.

Introducing the cold and hot coffee machine — designed to deliver freshly ground and perfectly extracted coffee at the touch of a button. Featuring advanced Italian-style extraction and precise temperature control, this machine guarantees a rich and aromatic cup every time. The 22″ HD touch screen provides an interactive and user-friendly interface, while the self-cleaning function ensures top-quality coffee with minimal maintenance.

With a powerful 3000W system, you can brew a perfect cup in just 60 seconds, maximising both your profits and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s Italian espresso, instant drinks, or milk-coffee, this machine delivers speed, efficiency, and exceptional taste, making it the perfect addition to any office, café, or retail space.

Key Specifications:


Model: Hot and Cold coffee Vending Machine
Dimensions: H: 1940mm, W: 1080mm, D: 795mm
Peak Power: 3000W
Standby Power: Less than 30W


Large Coffee Bean Hopper: Holds up to 1.5 kilograms of coffee beans.
Ingredient Canisters: Six canisters with a 4-litre capacity each, allowing for over 20 different drink varieties.
Payment: AI face-scan pay, card payment functions
Management System: Intelligent SAAS cloud management platform

Iced Coffee Vending Machine


With a large, transparent canister capable of holding 1.5 kilograms of coffee beans and six additional 4-litre canisters for various ingredients, this machine can create over 20 different coffee varieties. The protection lid ensures that coffee beans stay securely in place, while the precise weighing system guarantees stable and consistent dispensing every time.

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