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Coffee Vending

Delivering high street coffee shop quality beverages with a design to compliment any environment.


Offering high street coffee shop quality beverages with a design that enhances any environment.

Neo delivers a coffee shop experience right to your location, offering a delectable range of high-quality hot and cold beverages in a sleek, free-standing coffee machine.

Finished in an ebony gloss, its angular design offers a striking appearance that complements any setting and enhances the customer experience.

A state-of-the-art concept

The smoked glass front panel and patented in-touch selection system create an exceptional user experience.

Large icon buttons, similar to those on consumer electronic devices, make selecting drinks simple and fast.

The wallpaper graphic system, enhanced with LED backlighting, allows the machine to adapt to various settings.

Choose from three standard wallpapers: Iconic, Cool Mono, or Warm Espresso, to suit any environment.

Delivering the coffee shop experience

The Neo revolutionises your beverage experience with its extensive selection, offering everything from aromatic leaf teas to premium coffee brewed from whole beans.

Its advanced in-touch selection system allows you to customise your drink effortlessly, adjusting milk, sugar, and strength to your liking.

Ideal for meetings, the Neo’s jug facility ensures you have freshly prepared coffee and tea ready to serve, making it a perfect addition to any setting.

Engage with your customers seamlessly.

Digital signage offers an effective way to capture the attention of impulse buyers while engaging customers with valuable product information, such as calorie counts and allergen details.

Choose between two media screen sizes, 10” or 15”, as an alternative to static wallpaper graphics. These screens enhance the consumer experience by displaying videos and images, which can be easily updated via USB with .MP4 and .JPG files. Additional features, like an RSS news feed and remote content uploading, can also be included for a more dynamic and interactive display.

Enhance your user experience with our advanced technology.

Neo’s innovative I-Detect system guarantees a cup is dispensed every time or your money back. It also recognises when you use your own cup, ensuring it is automatically detected.

Enhancing the consumer experience, Neo features a spacious serving area and an optional LED backlight that illuminates the drink as it’s prepared.

Additionally, the Quick Code facility allows users to save their preferred drink settings with a unique code, making it easy to replicate their ideal beverage with a simple entry.

Optimised Energy Saving Mode

The Neo machine features cutting-edge energy-saving technology. Its built-in learning system monitors usage patterns and adjusts shutdown or economy periods accordingly.

Energy Learn tracks usage via the selection system, while Energy I-Detect utilises an advanced motion sensor to detect when a user approaches the machine.

Neo stands out as the first machine independently tested to the EVA-EMP standard, boasting an impressive energy consumption rate of just 86 WH per litre.

Simplicity of design

Designed to accommodate various cup types, the Neo can dispense plastic, paper, and even 12 oz takeaway-style paper cups.

Neo supports multiple payment methods, including coins and cashless options, ensuring convenience for all users.

With the optional text alert feature, real-time reporting of machine issues is possible, reducing downtime and enhancing the customer experience.

*This feature is available at an additional cost.

Neo Q

All-in-one: Coffee machine and water fountain

NEO Q is the ideal solution for providing customers with high-quality water and hot drinks while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

Enhance your profitability with this two-in-one machine, reducing equipment investment and optimising your footprint.

Cold filtered water

Neo Q’s advanced filtration system eliminates impurities, delivering tasteless and odourless water that surpasses the quality of traditional mains water taps.

Freshly ground coffee beans

With the double bean feature, you can offer a variety of speciality coffees, catering to the preferences of even the most discerning customers.Thanks to the double bean, you can offer your customer the option of various speciality coffees to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding consumer.

Hot drinks

You can offer variety and thus reach as many people as possible. Delicious chocolates, teas and vanilla or other flavoured drinks.

Promotes the use of your own bottle

Neo Q promotes the use of reusable bottles and glasses, while actively discouraging the use of disposable ones.

Promote Own cup use.

The Neo’s I-Detect system automatically detects the user’s cup, ensuring a seamless experience while promoting sustainability by reducing the reliance on disposable cups. This innovative feature encourages users to bring their own reusable cups, aligning with eco-friendly practices and reducing waste.

It provides an original and distinct design whenever you need a fresh look.

The versatility of the Neo’s design allows you to easily adapt to your customers’ preferences and refresh the machine’s appearance by simply replacing the front panel. This straightforward process takes just 5 minutes, making it both cost-effective and convenient to update the design. Whether you want to keep up with branding changes or seasonal themes, this feature ensures your machine remains attractive and relevant with minimal effort and expense.

Unlimited water: Don't worry about controlling the water bottles stock.

Easy and simple control of expenses. Without delivery notes or payments per bottle per month.

Water equal to or better than any bottled water instantly.

Ecology, out plastics.

No bottles or transport trucks. Minimize your carbon footprint.

Space saving in the office.


Create a contemporary, hygienic coffee experience with the COTI free-standing coffee vending machine. Featuring a large touchscreen and a customised user interface, operators can engage customers with a wide selection of fresh brew coffee beverages. The design maintains compatibility with legacy machines, ensuring ease of servicing and cleaning.

  • 21” Full-Capacity Touchscreen: Includes ADA compliance mode to actively engage all users.
  • Extensive Drink Menus: Offers a wide variety of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks, allowing operators to increase prices for a higher return on investment (ROI).
  • Customisable Beverage Options: The “Save my Drink” feature encourages repeat customers by allowing them to personalise and save their favourite drinks.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Cleaning time is reduced by 15-50% compared to competitors, lowering overall maintenance expenses.
  • Flexible User Interface: Operators can customise the drink menu, drink names, screen content, and images, as well as enable full HD video content.
  • Integration with Other Crane Machines: Provides a cohesive and customisable food and beverage portfolio experience when integrated with other Crane machines.

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