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Micro Markets

The future of breakroom food and drink solutions.

Welcome to the future of snacking!

Forget your traditional vending and get ready to welcome Pure Foods Systems’ innovative micro markets to your business! Perfect for workplaces, gyms, schools, and more, our micro markets transform your snack and beverage offerings with a seamless, self-service solution.

Why choose a micro market?

Unbeatable variety

From healthy snacks to indulgent treats, our micro markets offer a wide range of products to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re after a refreshing cold drink, a wholesome meal, or a quick snack, there’s something for everyone with our micro market vending options.

24/7 convenience

Open around the clock, our micro markets ensure your employees have access to their favourite snacks and drinks whenever you need them. No more waiting for business hours – just grab, scan, and go!

Smart technology

Featuring our new, state-of-the-art smart vending machines, our micro markets offer a sleek, modern interface that’s easy to use. Enjoy the latest in vending technology with touch screens, smart fridges, and contactless payment options.

Healthy choices at your fingertips

Promote wellness in the workplace or facility with our selection of healthy food vending machines. Stocked with nutritious options, our micro markets make it easy to choose healthier snacks and meals – no matter what time of day.
Fresh food:
From salads and sandwiches to fresh fruit and yoghurt, our fresh food vending machines provide delicious, wholesome choices – on-the-go.
Healthy snacks:
Find a variety of healthy snack options, including granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit – stepping far beyond the choices of yesterday.
Hydration stations:
Keep hydrated with our water coolers and a selection of cold drinks, including juices and flavoured waters – and give your employees a wide variety of trending beverages.

Designed by us, made for you

Our micro markets are designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, offering up a convenient and flexible solution for all your vending needs. Install a micro market in a corporate office, a gym, or a school, and we can make a design to suit your space and requirements.


Customizable layouts:

We work with you to design a micro market layout that fits perfectly into your space.

Scalable solutions:

Whether you need a single vending machine or a full micro market setup, we can scale our solutions to meet your needs.

Easy management:

Our intelligent cloud management system allows you to monitor inventory, sales, and more in real-time, making management a breeze.

Designed, built, and managed by Pure Foods Systems

From initial design to ongoing management, Pure Foods Systems handles every aspect of your micro market. Our team of experts ensures that your micro market operates smoothly and efficiently, providing a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

Transform Your space with Pure Foods Systems

Ready to bring the future of vending to your space? Contact us today to learn more about our micro market solutions and how we can bring customisation directly to you.

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