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Snack Combination


Satisfy your cravings with Pure Foods Systems’ snack and combination vending machines! Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, salty, or savoury, our machines offer a wide range of options to tempt your taste buds. From classic favourites like chips and chocolate bars to healthier options like nuts and fruit, our machines are stocked with all your favourite snacks.

With over 50 years of experience in the vending industry, we know what it takes to deliver a great snacking experience. Our machines are designed for reliability, convenience, and ease of use, making them perfect for any environment.

Explore our range of snack and combination vending machines today and enjoy delicious snacks whenever you need them!


With so many snack vending machines available, we’ve done the hard work and narrowed down to the best on the market below.

Merchant Chilled MEDIA 2

Vending Machine


  • Faster Performance: The Merchant Media 2 has unparalleled screen performance—to improve the user experience with a more responsive screen and boot up time of less than a minute.

  • Higher Engagement: Merchant Combo MEDIA2 encourages sales while building brand loyalty with the display advertising and interactive promotions throughout the purchase experience.

  • Increased Sales: Utilising suggestive selling techniques and digital advertising, the Merchant Media 2 machine drives impulse purchases and add-on sales, significantly boosting revenue.

By integrating these features, the Merchant Media 2 vending machine not only enhances the consumer experience but also maximises operational efficiency and profitability.


Elevate the consumer experience to unprecedented levels with the all-new Merchant Ambient. Discover new market opportunities with the latest in unattended retail solutions.

The CPI Merchant Ambient vending machine features the MEDIA2 screen, which supports suggestive selling and digital advertising, allowing you to engage with consumers in innovative and impactful ways.


    • Colour Display: Engage consumers with a larger 9″ touchscreen that supports full-motion video, making interactions more dynamic and visually appealing.

    • Screen Performance: Improve the user experience with a highly responsive screen that boasts a boot-up time of less than a minute, ensuring quick and efficient service.

    • Suggestive Selling: Assist consumers in making selections while introducing them to new products, slow movers, or complementary items, effectively boosting sales through strategic recommendations.

    • Remote Management: Utilise Simplifi™ CONNECT PLUS to manage machines remotely, allowing for seamless updates to pricing, planograms, and nutritional information.

    • Shopping Cart: Enable multi-product purchases with a single, simple transaction, enhancing convenience for consumers and increasing transaction value.

    • Nutritional Information: Inform consumers with a large display of easy-to-read nutrition facts, helping them make informed choices about their purchases.

    • Custom Graphics: Enhance your location or promote your brand with our design service, which allows you to create a custom storefront tailored to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Smart Fridge Vending Machine

Micro Market Vending Machine Cooler Fresh Food Vending Machine 

Introducing the ultimate vending solution that transforms your breakroom or retail space into a mini-marketplace. This Smart Fridge is all about flexibility, convenience, and fresh choices for everyone on the go. 

The Fresh Food Vending Machine is perfect for various locations, including:

Offices: Keep employees happy and productive with fresh and healthy options.

Schools: Offer a variety of snacks and drinks for students on the go.

Gyms: Provide energy-boosting snacks and drinks for fitness enthusiasts.

Hospitals: Ensure patients and visitors have access to nutritious food and beverages.

After-hours stores: Provide fresh, healthy ingredients — even when the shops are closed.

Stock with:

Fresh food, crisps, chocolate, cans, bottles and health items. Also unrefrigerated items such as tennis balls, PPE. 

Smart Vending for Modern Businesses — Frost-free refrigeration

  • 360° Air Cooling Circulation: Ensures even cooling throughout the machine, maintaining product freshness.

  • Frost-Free Refrigeration: Saves energy and keeps the machine dry and clean.

  • AI-Powered Technology: High-end artificial intelligence chips provide a recognition rate of up to 99%, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

  • Adjustable Trays: Five grid trays that are flexible and convenient for replenishing goods, reducing downtime and operational costs.

  • Touchless Shopping: A seamless experience in just three steps with no app download required. Customers simply select their products and leave, making the process quick and easy.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Wide-angle, low-illumination 1080p dual cameras monitor the entire shopping process, ensuring accuracy and convenience.


Innovative technology combined with elegant design

Samba sets a new standard in vending with its comprehensive range of products, providing a flexible and customizable experience that caters to a variety of tastes and needs. Utilising cutting-edge dispensing technologies such as Softvend and ETL (Electronic Tray Labels), Samba ensures precise and efficient dispensing, enhancing user satisfaction.

The machine’s stylish and contemporary design not only elevates aesthetics but also seamlessly integrates into any environment, whether it’s a bustling office, a trendy cafe, or a busy public space. Its understated yet modern appearance adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining practicality.

Available in two versions, Classic and Top, Samba offers versatility to meet diverse vending requirements. The Classic version provides essential vending capabilities with reliable performance, while the Top version extends functionality with additional features and enhancements, catering to more sophisticated needs.

Whether you’re looking to enhance workplace refreshment options or provide convenient snacks and beverages in high-traffic areas, Samba delivers exceptional reliability, flexibility, and aesthetics to exceed expectations in any setting.

Patented technologies for enhanced performances

The Samba range is designed with a flexible layout that accommodates snacks, fresh food, as well as cans and bottles, providing a versatile vending solution to meet a wide range of consumer preferences and needs.

Its patented Softvend dispensing system ensures a secure delivery of items, even delicate and fragile products, maintaining quality and reliability with every transaction.

Additionally, the ETL system (Electronic Tray Labels) enhances functionality by providing clear communication and interactive capabilities. Customers benefit from easy navigation and quick selections, while operators appreciate the efficiency and speed of managing inventory and machine settings. This advanced technology improves the overall vending experience, making Samba a preferred choice for modern and efficient vending solutions.

Design & User Interface

Featuring an elegant aluminium door with vibrant polycarbonate inserts, the Samba series combines style with durability.

Enhancing user interaction, a patented directional LED lighting system illuminates each step—from selection to payment to delivery—providing clear guidance and enhancing ease of use.

The versatile user interface accommodates up to three payment systems, ensuring convenience and flexibility for both operators and consumers alike.

Temperature management

Samba sets itself apart by offering advanced electronic temperature management within its vending cell, capable of regulating up to three distinct temperatures. This innovative feature ensures optimal freshness and quality of the products dispensed, accommodating a variety of items from chilled beverages to freshly prepared snacks. By maintaining precise temperature control, Samba guarantees that every product meets high standards of taste and freshness, enhancing the overall vending experience for users.

Products range
User interface Numeric selections (5 direct selections as option)
Number selection Up to 56
Protocol Executive – MDB – BDV
Height 1830 mm
Width 890 mm
Depth 860 mm (including the delivery bin)
Depth open 1495 mm
Weight Approx. 280 kg
Voltage 230 V
Max power consumption 470 W
Frequency 50 Hz
Configuration All snacks / Snacks + Cans&Bottles
Num trays Max 7
Max num tray 8
Temperature Uniform : Snack 8° – 12° C / Stratified : Snack 8° – 14° C, Can&Bottle 5° – 8° C

Sielaff S 2020

Introducing the Ultimate Vending Solution

Transform your breakroom or retail space into a Snack friendly zone with our Combination Vending Machine. Designed for flexibility, convenience, and energy efficiency, this machine meets the many needs of everyone on the go.


Model: Sielaff S 2020
Dimensions: H: 1830mm, W: 880mm, D: 990mm


Stylish EC Design: Modern and Slimline for any space.
Drinks Zone Temperature: 6 to 8ºC.
Snack Zone Temperature: 12 to 15ºC.
Stainless steel containers and spirals for durability and hygiene.

Capacity and Layout:

Total Selections: 40 selections across 5 trays.
10 Selections of Crisps
10 Selections of Chocolates
20 Selections of Drinks

Energy Rating: This machine boasts an impressive A++ energy efficiency rating, making it one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market​

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