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Smart Fridge Vending Machine

Smart Vending for Modern Businesses — Frost-free refrigeration

Smart Fridge Vending Machine

Vending Machine Cooler Fresh Food Vending Machine Customized

Introducing the ultimate vending solution that transforms your breakroom or retail space into a mini-marketplace. This Smart Fridge is all about flexibility, convenience, and fresh choices for everyone on the go.

The extreme flexibility of configuration allows the user to choose among snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt.


The Fresh Food Vending Machine is perfect for various locations, including:

Offices: Keep employees happy and productive with fresh and healthy options.

Schools: Offer a variety of snacks and drinks for students on the go.

Gyms: Provide energy-boosting snacks and drinks for fitness enthusiasts.

Hospitals: Ensure patients and visitors have access to nutritious food and beverages.

After-hours stores: Provide fresh, healthy ingredients — even when the shops are closed.

Stock with:

Fresh food, crisps, chocolate, cans, bottles and health items. Also unrefrigerated items such as tennis balls, PPE.


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