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Fresh Milk Coffee Machines

The perfect milk foam, like the best barista crafts.

Vitro S5 Coffee Machine

The perfect milk foam, like the best barista crafts

Thanks to the innovative patented micro-injection air technology (MIA), the Vitro S5 Espresso MIA prepares drinks with a delicious cold or hot foam, like the best Barista, at the touch of a button.

Interface, connectivity and sensors:


Out of Coffee detector
Blocked grinder detecto
Electronic water temperature control
Electronic water level control
Optional cup detector

Technical Specifications

  • Height 775 mm
  • Width 480 mm
  • Depth 590 mm
  • Weight 65 kg

Drink technologies

Espresso: Azk V30 Capacity 7-14 gr
Fresh Milk: MIA technology
Instant: No. of mixers 3

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