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healthyWhen members attend gyms they trust the workers and the establishment to provide them with accurate information when it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle. This advice includes things such as exercise, equipment, clothing, the latest exercise trends, diet and much, much more. Gym members expect this advice as part of their gym experience and rely on gym workers to know about these issues.

Part of the expectation from gyms is that healthy snacks and drinks are provided to help gym members work out safely. At PureFoodsSystems we have researched many different items which are advertised on the market. It can be a very daunting task to take on as there are so many different types of product and the selection of brands is extensive. As a result, we have created a stock of products which we believe deliver the products which are most in demand.

Protein bars and crisps, flapjacks and protein cookies are packed with protein and goodness and are great products in helping those who want to build their muscle and those looking to lose weight. Ready-made protein shakes are becoming increasingly popular because for those who are muscle building, protein is needed before a workout and after a workout. Protein shakes are incredibly convenient for gym members as it means they don’t need to come to the gym with large containers of protein shake which need to be mixed together.