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Airports are increasingly popular locations for vending machines, thanks to the high numbers of potential customers who pass through every day. Airport vending machines can offer a range of benefits for travellers, including the following:

  • easy access to refreshments for travellers on early or late flights, when the cafes, shops or bars may not be open
  • airport vending machines can be placed at places where traditional retail outlets can’t be, such as departure gates
  • they offer convenient payment in different currencies
  • they can offer a wide range of products, including non-food goods.

While airport shopping is popular amongst many travellers, there are many people who prefer to spend as little time as possible at the airport. Airport vending machines are an ideal option for these travellers, as they can allow easy and convenient access to drinks and snacks, as well as non-food items such as newspapers, magazines and mobile phone top ups, while the customer is on the go.

Airport vending machines are also becoming increasingly sophisticated in the products they offer. For example, you may find an airport vending machine selling travel items such as travel socks, inflatable pillows and ear plugs. Some airports in the USA even have vending machines selling higher-value electrical goods such as the Amazon Kindle. There is so much scope for developing the product offering of airport vending machines.