One of the most popular products sold from vending machines in the UK is drinks. Vending machine drinks cover many options, from chilled soft drinks dispensed directly into a cup, to chilled bottled or canned drinks, to hot beverages, freshly made to order.

Vending machine drinks can also be made available from different kinds of vending machines, including drinks machines, combination vending machines and coffee machines.

With so many options available for vending machine drinks, it’s important to think about who the vending machine’s customers will be when you’re trying to decide on the best options. For example, if your vending machine will be situated inside a hot factory, workers would no doubt appreciate the ability to choose cold drinks. For machines inside gyms, vending machine drinks that are dispensed in a can or bottle, ready for the user to take and consume as they work out, without the worries of spillage from an open container, are welcome. Meanwhile, in an office that frequently hosts meetings for external visitors or clients, a hot drinks machine can offer the range of vending machine drinks that are ideal for serving in meetings.

With so many popular drinks available on the market today, most vending machines will offer you the opportunity to change or update the selection of vending machine drinks on offer, so that you can be sure to keep up with the latest popular trends.