Vending machines in offices have been proven to be an excellent boost to many workplaces, offering a range of benefits. For example, having a vending machine in your office means you can boost productivity, as less time is lost by your staff having to walk off-site for their drinks and snacks.

Being able to offer visitors and clients a freshly made hot beverage, straight from a machine, can also mean that meetings can get started more quickly.

A growing consideration for vending machines in offices is how to make them healthy. Many office workers have a sedentary day, and don’t move around much. This means it’s important that an office vending machine offers a range of healthy choices, in order to promote the wellbeing of staff. Some of the options available from healthy vending machines in offices might include fruit, juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, yogurts and so on. You may also want your office vending machines to offer diet versions of soft drinks or low-fat milk options in hot beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Just by making these small changes to your office vending machines, you can help promote a healthy lifestyle in your staff. This will have a knock-on impact on their general wellbeing, meaning you should lose fewer days through staff illness and your workers should have more energy and are able to be more productive.