In today’s society, vending machine security is a paramount concern for many business owners, particularly those who are operating vending machines in public places or locations with a high footfall.

Some of the places where vending machine security is a particular issue include parks, sports stadiums, concert venues, train stations and airports. In these locations, it isn’t always possible to supervise a vending machine at all times, and there are often concerns about vandalism and theft.

Fortunately, there have been many advances in vending machine security, and many machines come with excellent security features as standard. Other machines will allow you to add on extra security features, meaning your vending machine security can be customised and upgraded to suit your particular needs.

  • Some of the options available for vending machine security include the following:
  • reinforced windows, that can’t be smashed through
  • anti-tilt wall brackets and bolt-down feet, preventing people from ‘rocking’ the vending machine
  • devices for inserting coins and giving change that are tamper-proof
  • money-receiving devices that can verify whether coins and notes inserted are genuine
  • steel access doors, stopping thieves from accessing the money and products held inside
  • external burglar-proof safety bars or cages.

With so many options to choose from, vending machine security needn’t be a headache, no matter what the machine’s location.