One of the most important aspects of owning, hosting or running a vending machine is keeping it well stocked. If your customers don’t find a good selection of products with high levels of availability every time they come to the vending machine, they’re likely to choose another option for buying their drinks and snacks. This makes vending machine re-stocking vital if you want it to be popular and well-used.

Most vending machines will need to be re-stocked regularly, perhaps once a week or even more, depending on the levels of custom. When choosing a vending machine re-stocking service, you should ask whether they can come out on the same day if you have an unexpected boost in sales one day, which leaves you low on products for the next. If you have a small vending machine which needs re-stocking frequently, it might be worth considering changing to a larger vending machine that can offer more products, rather than having to continually worry about vending machine re-stocking.

When your vending machine is re-stocked, you should also ensure it is cleaned and any necessary light maintenance is carried out. This is particularly important in a vending machine that offers fresh food, which needs to be kept in clean conditions. By including these tasks in your vending machine re-stocking, you can help ensure the continued reliable functioning of your vending machine for as long as possible.