The cost and logistics of ongoing vending machine maintenance can be one of the issues that puts business owners off the idea of having a vending machine on their premises. Like all machines with moving parts, vending machines do require regular maintenance in order to continue functioning reliably and effectively.

However, vending machine maintenance doesn’t need to be a headache. There are many different options available that can take the hassle out of vending machine maintenance. For example, many vending machine suppliers will offer lease vending machines that include regular maintenance as part of the package. So, rather than buying a vending machine outright, you pay a monthly fee which includes the regular vending machine maintenance. Some companies will even offer a free vending machine and carry out all the ongoing maintenance – they simply keep the takings from the products sold.

Another option for vending machine maintenance is to buy a vending machine and then take out a package of regular maintenance visits from an engineer. This may include agreed levels of service, such as a 24-hour response time to faults. Alternatively, you could just find a reliable engineer and pay as you go for your vending machine maintenance. This may be the cheaper option, but could make more work for you in the long run.

Whatever your priorities, whether financial or logistical, there’s sure to be a vending machine maintenance option that suits you and your business.