A very popular location for vending machines is train stations. Train station vending machines cater to all kinds of customers, from the regular commuter to the occasional leisure traveller, meaning they have a very wide base of potential users.

Commuters are often pressed for time, meaning they will appreciate the ability to buy a drink or snack on the go from a train station vending machine. Meanwhile, leisure travellers may prefer to choose refreshments from a vending machine than spend time queueing up in a café, or appreciate the convenience offered by a train station vending machine when the cafes and bars are closed at night. Of course, when trains are inevitably delayed, train station vending machines can offer a valuable service to help travellers to satisfy their hunger or thirst while they wait.

The best kinds of train station vending machines will have a clear display of the products on offer, usually meaning they have a clear front so it is possible to quickly see what is on offer. Because it isn’t possible to supervise train station vending machines at all times, they will usually need to come equipped with security features to prevent vandalism and theft, such as wall-mounting bars or reinforced change-giving mechanisms. This is of particular value late at night, when many train stations will not have many personnel on duty.