About Pure Food Systems

Pure Foods Systems is an industry leading vending machine provider based in the South of England. We are a family run business with over 30 years of experience in delivering a broad range of vending solutions.

With offices in Croydon, Redhill and Kent, we are conveniently located to supply, stock, replenish and maintain vending machines anywhere within the M25. We offer a centralised service in this vicinity and fast response times for any customer enquiry. We are committed to providing the best possible service, dealing quickly and efficiently with all your vending needs via our dedicated team.

However, our operation also spreads further afield, as we sell and lease vending machines across the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide.

Maintaining and refurbishing vending machines is vital to our business. At Pure Foods Systems, we own the UK’s largest inventory of machine spare parts. This means that we can replace any defective components using our own stock and provide a faster and more effective service, without relying on other distributors or manufacturers. Our engineers are highly regarded across the industry and some have more than 30 years of expertise in servicing and maintaining vending machines. We can tailor solutions with service level agreements to ensure that our customers always have the products they want, at the right price and in the right type of machines.

We are a customer focused company and pride ourselves on our flexibility in providing tailor made vending solutions to a wide variety of businesses. We offer an extensive range of machines and stock at least 250 machines at any one time.

Our customer portfolio includes NGOs, government and other public sector institutions, as well as corporations. Our commitment to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of vending machines, is just one of the reasons why many organisations choose Pure Foods Systems.