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World Book Day 2021 – 4th March

On Thursday 4 March is World Book Day 2021. Celebrating everything to do with books and reading, this annual event will be in its twenty-fourth year. It is acknowledged by over 100 countries across the world.

Even though this year, World Book Day might be a little different, we believe that it is still a day for children to celebrate everything books – from illustrators and authors – to everything in-between. The purpose of the event is to encourage children to read more books, and to truly understand how pleasurable reading is. A recent study by the National Literacy Trust found that reading booked in children is on the decline – with only 26% stating they read every day in 2020 in comparison to 43% in 2015. Even just spending 10 minutes a day reading, has been proven to make a real difference to the success of a child.

There are many different activities going on including book tokens being given to children and nurseries across the UK. There are online events such as live reading on YouTube and ways to participate including “Share a Story Live” events.

Here at Pure Food Systems, we are getting involved in World Book Day by offering 10% off all Book Vending Machines when ordered before the end of March. We have supplied over 50 book vending machines to schools in the UK, and these are fast becoming one of the most popular means of supplying books to children. Please find all about our book vending machines here.

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