Snakky MaxWhen it comes to sweet vending machines we believe there is definitely a place for them on the market. At football games or baseball games or other sports events, cinemas and many other environments, sweet vending machines can really add to the customer and consumer experience. And at such events it is expected that people will treat themselves to a little sweet snack.

It has been in the news in recent months that there are some places in which sweet vending machines may not be so welcome. It is not for us to cast an opinion on this but it makes for interesting reading for the vending machine industry.

Cancer prevention charity World Cancer Research Fun has conducted a survey which found that nearly three quarters of the health trusts throughout England do not have a policy on food sold in the vending machines situated throughout their premises.

Their argument is that sweets, sugary snacks, crisps and other unhealthy items were not appropriate products to be sold from hospital vending machines. The WCRF is asking for healthier alternatives to be present within these sweet snack dominated vending machines.

The cancer prevention charity is raising the sweet vending machine in hospital issue because there is a link between these foods causing obesity and obesity being a factor which is a risk factor in diseases such as cancer.