Hot food vending machines

Hot food vending machines are much more popular than you may think. Although at first it may sound rather unappetising, eating hot food from a vending machine, it is an incredibly convenient way to eat. Sure, there are a lot of machines which offer the less healthy options such as pasties, burgers, chips and pizzas but ready meals can be bought which comply with various weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

The meals are very good quality home made foods which are usually kept frozen using an air blast process. Once a meal or food option is chosen it is then heated to the recommended temperatures within the hot food vending machine so that it is safe to eat by the consumer. The food can be complete meals, paninis, toasted sandwiches or snacks.

Foods such as curry, roast dinner, stir fry, hot pot, lasagne and shepherds pie can all be purchased from hot food vending machines.

What is more is that hot food vending machines can now also vend cold items too. With new technologies, a dual temperature vending machine offers huge flexibility as hot food can be purchased from the vending machine alongside cold drinks.

Pure Foods Systems is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the vending industry. We specialise in supplying water coolers, coffee machines and vending machines from all the leading manufactures.

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We supply all kinds of vending machines high quality; energy efficient snack vending machines to food vending machines to hot drinks vending machines. We can offer the perfect solution to suit your business.

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We specialise in providing top quality ingredients at low prices. Our standard delivery is next working day if ordered before 2.00 PM and these items come straight out of a warehouse to deliver vending supplies.

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