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cocacolaCoca Cola Enterprises is the arm of Coca Cola which deals with the Coca Cola vending machines. This company takes the environmental issues which can be tricky to work around very seriously and has a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint within the vending machine sector.

Much time, effort and expense is poured into improvements being made to existing and operations Coca Cola vending machines in order to minimise the energy use of the machines which are in situ.

As part of this commitment, Coca Cola also LEDs to make the vending machines as cost-effective as possible, as well as having implemented an Energy Management System.

The Energy Management System is a fantastic tool which is an intelligent energy saving device that can be fitted to Coca Colas vending machines. The EMS reduces the carbon footprint as well as the energy consumption of the machines.

The EMS has the following features in Coca Colas vending machines:

  • Learns when the Coca Cola vending machine is used and not used and when the account is inactive it enters a sleep mode where it switches off the lights and slightly reduces the cooling power. It then powers the machine back to the optimum temperature and switches on the lights when it has learned that the machine comes back into use.
  • Sensors are used to react to passers by so that trading mode comes back online when people pass by the machine.