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In 2011 the ban on selling cigarettes from vending machines came into effect in England. Scotland brought in the ban in 2013. The ban means that no cigarettes can be sold in vending machines which are on open display in the vending machine in which they are being sold from. The idea is that the move will reduce the number of teenagers and young people tempted to purchase cigarettes from vending machines and other open display outlets.

With much more information and research showing that smoking causes serious health issues and there have been a huge number of moves which reduce the reach of advertising and marketing of cigarette products. The effects of the recent bans will make a difference to the vending machine market, especially for cigarette vending machines. Companies which have owned and placed cigarette vending machines will need to find alternative product for their machines. While the moves are good for society in the sense that smoking is not good for health, it will have negative consequences for some people and businesses; including cigarette vending machine owners.

The vending machine industry will need to make some amendments to its product options and some of the machines in the market will need to be changed so they are not offering self-serving cigarette purchases.