Book Vending Machines

Having already supplied book vending machines to over 200 schools across the UK, the new innovative book vending machines are fast becoming a popular means of supplying children access to books: adding a touch of fun into the all important art of literacy.

In the press

We have been supplying schools all over the united kingdom with book and stationery vending machines. So successful, our machines have featured in many news articles.

  • You can send us samples of the books and we can respond straight away with what can vend and what cannot – but the majority of books will work just fine – and you can mix with stationary too!
  • We have a huge number of machines available which are ready to be customised – so simply get in touch with us to start the process of choosing your book vending machine.
  • The machines all come in black, however most schools have opted for us to wrap the machines in their own branding. From simply adding the school logo to creating a bespoke design, we can provide you with the perfect book vending machine for your school. Whether you have a design in mind already, or looking for some guidance, we can help.
  • We can convert any of our snack vending machines into book vending machines, meaning we have a selection of different sizes to suit all requirements.
  • The vending machines stock between 10 and 20 books, depending on the book choices and vending machine size.
  • The book vending machines can be set up to accept tokens – this is a popular choice.
  • Book vending machine delivery is quick: within the last few months, we’ve provided many book vending machines within 10 working days of order all over across the UK.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors, the vending machines come in a variety of sizes and require either 110 volts or 230 volts.


CALL US ON 0208 617 1314

“ Our initial enquiry was dealt with immediately and we had our vending machine delivered just over a week later. Every aspect from design, setup and modification upon delivery were dealt with excellently “

Mr Carroll

St Edward's Catholic Primary & Nursery School

Why are books important for a child’s development?

  • Increases vocabulary skills
  • Helps develop focus
  • Books develop and nourish kids’ imaginations, expanding their worlds
  • Books develop critical thinking skills