New Vending Machines

Pure Foods Systems is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the vending industry. We specialise in supplying water coolers, coffee machines and vending machines from all the leading manufactures.

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We supply all kinds of vending machines high quality; energy efficient snack vending machines to food vending machines to hot drinks vending machines. We can offer the perfect solution to suit your business.

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We specialise in providing top quality ingredients at low prices. Our standard delivery is next working day if ordered before 2.00 PM and these items come straight out of a warehouse to deliver vending supplies.

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When choosing a vending machine, there is often a choice between a brand new vending machine or a re-furbished second-hand model. While a second-hand model can be cheaper, there are many advantages to choosing new vending machines for your premises.

The most obvious of these is that new vending machines will come with a guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer, meaning that in the unlikely event of a breakdown or malfunction, you’ll have peace of mind that the problem will be fixed or the vending machine replaced.

Brand new vending machines are also less likely to break than second-hand ones, simply because all the parts are new and haven’t had the chance to wear out through continuous usage.

This isn’t the only benefit of new vending machines however. The technology used to operate vending machines is constantly developing, meaning that a new vending machine may be able to offer you some exciting and innovative options that you wouldn’t find on an older model. These could include modern payment systems, such the ability to accept card payments or ‘near field’ payments which simply require a customer to scan or swipe a card or mobile phone.

New vending machines can also make the process of choosing selections swifter, by using touch-screen technology and even using the LCD display screen to advertise or promote certain product selections. Many new vending machines are also equipped with the latest advances in communications technology, meaning you can remotely monitor stock levels, usage and any vandalism or break-in attempts. This can make the process of managing your new vending machine much easier.

So if you’re eager to take advantage of the latest technological developments in vending machines, then be sure to choose new vending machines for your premises.