Enviro Hot Drinks

About Us
Pure Foods Systems is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the vending industry. We specialise in supplying water coolers, coffee machines and vending machines from all the leading manufactures.

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We supply all kinds of vending machines high quality; energy efficient snack vending machines to food vending machines to hot drinks vending machines. We can offer the perfect solution to suit your business.

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We specialise in providing top quality ingredients at low prices. Our standard delivery is next working day if ordered before 2.00 PM and these items come straight out of a warehouse to deliver vending supplies.

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  • Possibly the most environmentally friendly hot drinks machine in the world.
  • Proven design with solid engineering ensuring that each drink is as good as you can get.
  • Uses fresh tea leaves for the perfect cup of tea and pre ground coffee to ensure that every coffee tastes great.
  • Why does pre ground coffee produce the best result? Because the grinder in a bean 2 cup machine costs around £200 and the grinder in our factory costs £20,000. The result is every grain of our coffee is of uniform size.
  • This is the key to the perfect coffee.
  • Unique brewing system which guarantees optimum extraction of the coffee.
  • Our machine is the only machine which uses a pumped vented boiler. This ultra-compact boiler loses much less heat than any of the other conventional boilers and the water pressure generated give delicious tea, coffee and chocolate.
  • All our machines are being continuously refurbished and this process is the soundest environmental approach.
  • This machine has a total useful life of 25 years. It is made of much thicker steel than its competitors and it will not dent or distort it does not have built in obsolescence.
  • LED Lighting on the machine

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