Vending machines in schools are becoming very popular. Customizing vending machines to suit the needs of school children allow them to have healthy food at their convenience and allows the schools to control what they are eating. Food machines in schools can vend anything from sandwiches, crisps, yoghurts to healthier options such as salads, fresh fruit and cereal bars.

You also have an option to vend both food/snacks and drinks from the one machine, which allows you not only to vend healthy food but also encourage pupils to drink healthy drinks such as water and fruit juice.

Having vending machines in schools and colleges also reduces long queues and crowding around serving areas. Our machines are fast and reliable and will help with congestion at meal and break times.

The benefits of having a vending machine in your school:

  • Encourages healthier eating
  • Offers a “food on the go” opportunity to busy pupils and staff
  • Reduces queues at break times
  • Helps keep pupils and staff on site during the day
  • Increases the variety of food and drinks available to pupils and staff.

Vending machines are available at your convenience at what ever the time of day, which means that with food and drink easily accessible to pupils there is no excuse for them to miss meals.

Contact us today to discuss what machine would be best suited to your school/college environment.