We can provide vending machines for any office environment, they are designed to suit the needs of you and your employees. We also provide coffee machines which can be situated wherever is convenient, kitchens, meeting rooms, reception areas or just wherever you need it to be accessible.

We have a range of quality drinks and snacks for your machines. We supply coffee’s, Teas, chocolates and cappuccino’s for your coffee machines and have top quality snack and drink brands available such as Coke, Cadbury’s, Walker’s and much more. We have a good understanding that each customer and location is different. For example, we know that some offices stay open 24 hours a day so therefore need items such as ready meals to be easily accessible.

Offices which have an early start would benefit from having breakfast items in their vending machines such as fresh fruit, cereals and yoghurts. Some offices might work normal hours but are very busy, employees would find it very beneficial to have sandwiches and snacks available at the ready within the office premises.

Whatever your needs we are able to provide a professional service which suits you.

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