Free on loan Vending Machines

Pure Foods Systems is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the vending industry. We specialise in supplying water coolers, coffee machines and vending machines from all the leading manufactures.

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We supply all kinds of vending machines high quality; energy efficient snack vending machines to food vending machines to hot drinks vending machines. We can offer the perfect solution to suit your business.

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We specialise in providing top quality ingredients at low prices. Our standard delivery is next working day if ordered before 2.00 PM and these items come straight out of a warehouse to deliver vending supplies.

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Are you interested in having a vending machine in your premises, but worried about the cost and time involved in running it? Then why not consider having a free on loan vending machine, meaning you can reap most of the benefits of a vending machine but without any of the work?

Free on loan vending machines are available to all kinds of business and organisations, such as offices, factories, sports clubs, leisure centres, hospitals and many more. You can have free on loan vending machines for all kinds of products, including snacks, cold drinks, hot drinks, fresh food and much more. Having a free on loan vending machine means you can offer your staff, customers and visitors a wide range of refreshments, without any financial risk to your business.

The way free on loan vending machines work is very simple. The vending machine, all its products and the maintenance are all delivered and carried out to you for free. The company that has supplied the free on loan vending machine to you then collects and keeps the money made by selling the products. This means that in effect, your vending machine is self-funding.

You may find that you have to have a guaranteed minimum number of staff to qualify for a free on loan vending machine, just to ensure that sales meet the levels required for the machine to pay for itself. However, you should always check the terms of any agreement for free on loan vending machines carefully, to ensure that any conditions like this are acceptable to you.