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Canteens are often very busy around meal times, having a vending machine in place could reduce some of the pressure on canteen/kitchen staff. Often canteens only operate between certain times of the day, having a vending machine on site is a good alternative for when a quick snack or drink is needed when the canteen is closed. We can help you choose which vending machine would most suit your environment. Food vending machines would be a good choice as they also act as good storage for freshly prepared food. If you find that most people tend to queue for cold drinks then having a drinks machine in place will reduce congestion and allow people to get what they want quickly and easily. Making coffee’s and teas could be quite time consuming for canteen staff, if this is in high demand then getting a hot drinks machine installed will free up canteen staff time so that they can concentrate on other areas. Contact us today to talk about what machine would best suit your environment.