Vending Machine Franchise

vendingStarting a vending machine franchise is very easy and quick but it is very important to do it right. Annual sales for the vending machine industry in the USA are between $19 and $29billion so there is potential for a very lucrative business.

First of all establish where you want to place your vending machines when you are considering setting up your vending machine franchise. As Kirstie and Phil say; it’s all about “location, location, location”. It really is the most important part of your vending machine franchise. Once you have your first location you can begin to think about what products to include in the vending machine. It is important not to just focus on the one machine at this point but have a business plan which includes more vending machines for your franchise. And in doing so, it’s important to plan where to place each machine. Having all your machines in one easy route and close together is going to reduce travel time, stress, travel expenses and will make your franchise easier to handle and maintain.

Then it is important to choose carefully what to stock the vending machines with so that your franchise is built successfully.There are so many product options when it comes to vending machines now. Long gone are the days when vending machines could only provide canned drinks and cold snacks. Now there are a huge number of products which can be vended including safety wear, golf balls, perfume, popcorn and so much more.

Vending Machine Sales

tangoVending machine sales can be a difficult thing to get right and to get good sales from your vending machine requires a lot of research, good relationships with the businesses and establishments which house your vending machines and a good maintenance and stock rotation within your machines.

When starting out with your vending machine, the most important things to consider are how you are going to generate your sales and maintain sales. After all, you are running a business and businesses generally need to be profitable for them to be successful and worth the hard work to make them viable.

Location is one of the most fundamental factors to this as location determines the type of product you will be looking to fill your vending machines with and the footfall your vending machines will see. A low footfall means less likelihood of many sales and the wrong products in the wrong location will result in fewer sales from your vending machine. Getting the location and the products correct are of vital importance.

Another tip for vending machines owners is the maintenance of the sales. This requires thought and planning around things like restocking, keeping the machine in good operative order and keeping the machine stocked with the products being sold.

Without a clean machine fully stocked and in good working order, customers will question the quality of the vending machine and will leaner not to trust it and will turn to another source for the products your vending machine offers for sale.

Sweet Vending Machine

crane cascadeSweet vending machines have been around for a long time and include a variety of different types such as gum ball machines, candy vending machines, jelly bean vending machines and many, many more.

But a new one to hit the market has been a vending machine which sells cupcakes to appease peoples’ sweet tooth.

Yes, you heard correctly; a cupcake vending machine! Unfortunately, it is not based in the United Kingdom, but rather in the United States. However, it is a sweet vending machine and it does sell cupcakes; awesome!

Beverley Hills-based Sprinkles is a cupcake company which has decided to branch out into a new part of the market – the sweet vending machine market!

Now, this well-loved sweet treat is available 24hours a day, seven days a week. For $3.50, or £2 in UK currency, you can choose the flavoured cupcake you wish to eat and it is vended to you! The machine is able to dispense around 1000 cupcakes per day so there is always plenty of stock for those of us with a sweet tooth.

The machine also dispenses cookies as well as cupcakes so that those with an extra sweet tooth can buy one of each.

The sweet cupcake vending machine is hard to miss, being totally baby pink in colour – almost fitting into a Barbie beach scene. But it does mean that customers will notice the vending machine and be tempted to purchase one of the many-flavoured cupcakes.

Vending Machine UK

SambaAre you looking or a vending machine? Are you looking for a vending machine which is for sale within the UK? Are you looking for a reputable and reliable UK company to sell, hire or give you a vending machine? Are you wanting a company based in the United Kingdom who won’t cost the earth when it comes to buying or hiring a vending machine?

At Pure Food Systems we know how difficult it is for customers to find a knowledgeable, reliable, cost-effective company which is trustworthy when it comes to the price of vending machines they have for sale and hire. Why not take a look at our website to find out more about why to choose Pure Food Systems when it comes to choosing vending machines in the UK?

When it comes to the vending machines available on the market in the United Kingdom, there is a huge array of machines which can be tailored to many different uses, products options and locations.

For instance, a more top of the market business will not be looking for a vending machine which can only take cash payments. They will be in search of a vending machine which can take cashless payment via bank cards, mobile phones and other devices.

Vending Machine Manufacturers

set machines copyWhen it comes to vending machine manufacturers, here at Pure Food Systems we have strong working relationships with them all. Due to our longstanding presence in the vending machine industry, we have built relationship with key players in the vending machine marketplace, including operators, product suppliers, other vending machine suppliers and vending machine manufacturers.

In the United Kingdom alone there are dozens of vending machine manufacturers. Some of the top companies are:

  • Klix: most known for their drink machines, Klix do offer vending machines which cater for food products too

  • Westomatic: A vending machine supplier and manufacturer, offering the Sigma Touch, Juice Box and more

  • Seaga UK: Offering full line, company and mechanical vending machines this is a good manufacturer in the UK

  • DarenthMJS: Supply their machines to the UK and to Europe

There are many other manufacturers in the United Kingdom who work tirelessly to create new technologies and more reliable and robust vending machines for vending machine businesses to use.

At Pure Food Systems we know each of the machines which each of these manufacturers produces and we are able to supply their vending machines to our customers. We can also carry out maintenance and refurbishments to these manufacturer’s machines.

Vending Machine for Sale

crane cascadeWith more than 3000 vending machines in stock at any one time, Pure Food Systems boasts one of the largest stocks of vending machines which are for sale to the general public, businesses and private collectors. So if you are looking out for a vending machine for sale then look no further than Pure Food Systems.

We have a great number of vending machines for sale, some of which are brand new from UK manufacturers, some are second hand vending machines, some are refurbished vending machines, some are machines which can be hired or given to you on conditions but most of the vending machines we have are for sale.

Of the vending machines we have on sale, we have food vending machines, hot food vending machines, cold food vending machines, hot drink vending machines, can vending machines, non-consumable product vending machines and many, many other types of vending machine.

We also have a variety of different-sized machines for sale which can hold different amounts of product, product facings, channels and different payment systems.

We can also deliver across the United Kingdom so if you want a vending machine for sale and you want it to be delivered by a reputable, knowledgeable and trustworthy company, then Pure Food Systems is the vending machines supplier for you.

Coke Vending Machine

cocacolaIn recent news pertaining to Coca Cola vending machines, Coca Cola has launched a court case with its ex-vending machine partner.

The soft drink corporation started the court battle in bid to retrieve $1million in fees which USA Technologies Inc. collected from Coke vending machines on its behalf. USA Technologies Inc. enables machines to take payment using credit and debit card.

The spat centres around Coca Cola Refreshments claiming that USA Technologies Inc. failed to disconnect its card reading devices on Coke vending machines and carried on taking money from the Coca Cola vending machines despite Coke finishing its working partnership with the company.

However, USA Technologies Inc, fiercely denies these claims, saying that there is no substance to the allegations at all and is adamant that it will fight the claims vehemently.

It is unknown how many Coke vending machines were fitted with the readers but Coca Cola Refreshments is replacing thousands of its machines with debit and credit card readers built in. In fact, the beverage giant is installing such devices into tens of thousands of its hundreds of thousands of machines worldwide.

As part of the original agreement, USA Technologies Inc. received 5 per cent of a vending machine’s monthly income for processing the transactions made by the Coke vending machine.

Coffee Vending Machines For Sale

backgroundAt Pure Food Systems we have a multitude of coffee vending machines for sale. We stock hundreds of machines in our warehouses at any one time and there are always coffee vending machines ready and available for those wanting to purchase them. We also stock the products to fill the coffee vending machines with.

Some of the coffee vending machines we have for sale include, but are not limited to:

  • Crane Evolution – Holds 600 paper or plastic cups, can choose drink types and strength of blend, bean to cup and fresh brew cups available, height 1830mm, width 660mm and depth 740mm

  • Crane Fusion – plastic, paper or own cup option, 600 cup capacity, vends hot drinks and still and carbonated cold drinks

  • Coffetek Geneva – Plastic or paper cups, jug option, I-Detect vend system

  • Necta Astro – 600 cup capacity, Instant, bean to cup or Freshbrew models

  • Klix Outlook – 1375 cup capacity with 16 drink options

  • Voce – Contemporary style, 800 cup capacity

  • Brio 3 – Expresso, Freshbrew and Instant options, suitable for limited space and can be table top or free standing

  • Canto P – LCD display, built to serve disabled customers, 650 cup capacity

  • Canto Touch – HD screen means while not in use by a customer, promo and ads can be played through the screen

  • Opera – Good range or hot drinks available as well as the choice of the strength of the drink

  • Solista – Perfect for limited space, freestanding or table top

  • 7100 Plus – This machine is very “green”, with its improved boiler insulation that gives an energy saving from 20% to 39% compared to the uninsulated boiler.

We have many more coffee vending machines in stock – these are but a few of the brand names we often have in. These machines are available to be sold, hired or given on condition.

Drink Vending Machines

2 machinesA publican has installed a vending machine in his establishment which vends beer and alcoholic products in a bid to stay ahead of the game and push the industry forward. Joseph Ryan set up the machine  in his Hackney pub, The Fox, earlier this year. His desire was to push the boundaries of his industry.

But the vending machine, which he bought from eBay for £1,500, has caused a stir among his regulars. Ryan said some people have hated the idea while others have been supportive, but he is happy that the drink vending machine has caused discussion among his punters. And before you get too confused, the vending machine sells drinks which are not currently available in the pub, so customers are getting something different by using the machine. The drinks the vending machine dispenses are vended using a robotic arm and it is thought this is the first one to be installed in a pub.

The Japanese-made machine dispenses 40 beers from the UK and the US and ranges in its cost.

Mr Ryan said he had the idea while enjoying a drink and thought it would be a chance to push the industry forward.

Toy Vending Machine

toy vend small“Gacha-Gacha” toys are proving a big hit in Japanese vending machines.

Gacha-Gacha toys are small toys contained within a plastic ball which are vended from machines across Japan. Sold closed, it is unknown what toy the purchaser will receive but each machine contains a different version of the same kind of toy. For instance, a popular Gacha Gacha toy is of a woman dressed in an office uniform who sits on the edge of drink cups in various poses. In fact, the “Koppu no Fuchiko” figurines have sold more than 6.5million of the little 5cm resin statues.They cost 200 Yen or $2.45 per toy which is vended through the Gacha Gacha toy vending machine.Toy Vending Machine

Although the Gacha Gacha vending machines initially sold the Gacha Gacha toys to children, there are an increasing number of toys tailored to adults now. These toys are becoming increasingly popular as people purchase them for a bit of fun.

Originally these machines were founded in the United States but their success has mainly been found in Japan.

The Gacha Gacha machines have seen great results financially. Despite taking a dip in recent years, the sales have risen in the last two years as the popularity of the litre figurines has soared.